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To protect your dryer investment, we recommend that you install a high performance prefilter directly in front of your refrigerated air dryer. By doing this you will prevent insulating oil and dirt build-up in the heat exchanger and ensure optimal performance and reliability of the dryer throughout its lifetime.

By protecting your equipment and keeping the dryer efficiency at its best, these filters will literally pay back their cost and more in savings on your monthly energy bill.

DF Series

The Ultrair V and S elements utilize a three-dimensional polyester microfiber fleece media, which is ideal for coalescing and draining away oil and water aerosols in the airstream. The V grade element is excellent on general applications. For critical applications, supplement the package with an S grade filter at the dryer outlet to remove trace contaminants.

AG Series

The FF grade prefilter is ideally suited for general applications and combines excellent efficiency with a very low differential pressure due to its patented binder-free media. For critical applications, supplement the package with the addition of an SMF grade filter at the dryer outlet for removal of trace contaminants.

Aircel Dryer Package Filters

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