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SH Standard/Superplus Filter Housings

SH Series
Standard/Superplus Filter Housings

SH Standard and SH Superplus carbon steel filter housings are designed to ASME code with ANSI flange connections. In the standard configuration, these housings include our Econometer differential pressure gauge and external float drain valve for coalescing applications.

Two-piece SH steel housings with flanged connections are available in a nominal flow range of 650 to 22,000 scfm. Superplus versions of each are equipped with energy saving Economizer differential pressure gauges and Ultramat zero air-loss condensate drain valves.

Superplus versions include our programmable Economizer differential pressure gauge which notifies maintenance personnel of the optimal point at which to change the filter element(s). Superplus models also include our Ultramat zero air loss condensate drain valve which assures that no compressed air is lost when liquid condensate is drained. All SH housings and elements are available in silicon-free configurations.

Compressed Air Contaminants

  • Dust particles (from ambient air and/or desiccant)
  • Liquid water and water vapor
  • Liquid oil and oil vapor
  • Hydrocarbon vapor
  • Rust particles
  • Pipe scale
  • Acidic condensates

Aircel SH Filter Housings




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