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Donaldson Aircel DF Series filters are designed for high quality filtration of compressed air or gas in a wide of applications. The total filter design concept of the filter combines high performance, greater efficiency, ease of use, flexibility, and safety. The high performance is achieved by the flow-optimized filter design, paired with innovative filtration technology; this reduces pressure loss by 50% compared to conventional filters.

The unique bayonet lock ensures that the filter cannot be opened under pressure for increased safety. You will find greater energy savings are achieved by the timely replacement of a used filter element. This is determined by the Economizer that continuously measures the different pressures. An integrated microprocessor evaluates the measurement data and compares the higher energy costs caused by pressure loss with the costs of a new filter element. The DF series is available in nine sizes, six filter elements types, and perfectly meeting all industrial air purification application requirements.

With nine sizes, the new Donaldson Aircel Ultra-Filter covers the performance range from 20 to 647 scfm flow rate corresponding to conventional compressor capacities between 2 and 120 kW. The Ultra-Filter compressed air filter is available in two models:

  • Standard with float condensate drain and Econometer
  • Superplus with UFM-T zero air-loss condensate drain and Economizer
Coalescing, particulate, and activated carbon elements are available in different grades to fit your application needs. The Aircel Ultra-Filter compressed air filter reduces pressure loss by 50%, increases filtration efficiency, and is easy to install and use.

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