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Ultrair V Coalescing Filter Element

Ultrair V
Coalescing Filter Element

The Aircel Ultrair V filter elements are designed for high quality filtration of compressed air and gas in industrial applications. Ultrair V element performance has been validated in accordance with ISO 12500, which assures that your application will receive compressed air quality as specified by ISO 8573-1.

The combination of flow channel design optimized through the use of computational fluid dynamics software, careful selection of filtration media, and advanced production technology give the Ultrair V element a very low pressure drop while maintaining a high separation efficiency. Ultrair V elements utilize a three-dimensional polyester microfiber fleece media, which is ideal for coalescing and draining away oil and water aerosols in the airstream. In addition, this media will capture and retain particulate contaminants through direct impaction, sieving and diffusion.

The Aircel Ultrair V coalescing filter elements are ideal in the following industries and applications:

  • Plant air
  • Pharmaceutical
  • General machine fabrication
  • Air conditioning technology
  • Process Industry (instrumentation and control air)
  • Beverage
  • Food
  • Plastic
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical

Aircel Ultrair V Coalescing Filter Element








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