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Ultrapoly P Particle Filter Element

Ultrapoly P
Particle Filter Element

Ultrapoly P particle filter element utilize a highly porous sintered polyethylene media for absolute filtration of particles down to 25 μm in size. The primary filtration mechanism of this media is sieving, which captures most particles near the surface allowing for regeneration of the element and reduced operating cost through fewer element change-outs.

Although the Ultrapoly P is primarily used as a particulate prefilter, a simple reversal of flow through the element allows the Ultrapol P to be used as an effective course coalescing filter element, removing bulk quantities of water and oil from an air or gas stream (standard housings are equipped with an internal float drain, so no special equipment is required).

The Aircel Ultrapoly P Particle Filter Element are ideal in the following industries and applications:

  • Particulate prefilters upstream of final filters
  • Centralized prefiltration in compressor rooms
  • Particle filtration after cyclone separators
  • Coarse coalescing after cyclone separators and before fine coalescers







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