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Combination Monitor (Dew Point, CO, VOC, O2)

The AMD-500 is a microprocessor-based monitor especially designed for use in industrial, aerospace, medical and pharmaceutical applications. It can continuously and simultaneously monitor up to 4 gas conditions.

The system can be configured to monitor a variety of conditions, including: VOCs, dew point, oxygen and carbon monoxide. The instrument has a user-friendly interface for all maintenance and operation functions, and it is protected by a compact and durable NEMA 4x enclosure for process environments.


  • Monitors Dew Point, CO, VOCs, and Oxygen
  • Designed for Monitoring Compressed Air Lines
  • Monitors Up to 4 Gases with Internal Sensors
  • Designed for use in Industrial, Aerospace, Medical and Pharmaceutical Applications
  • Adjustable Alarm Points
  • Programmable Relay Contacts
  • Large Easy-to-Read Display
  • RS-232/RS-485 Modbus Communication
  • 4-20 mA Outputs
  • VOCs and Dew Point Monitoring in One Package
  • Classified to UL 60601-1 IEC 60601-1 & CSA 22.2, No. 601.1

Aircel AMD-500 Combination Monitor

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